Black Blizzard is the unexpected reconnection of two past musical collaborators, Paul Cogle and Ben Proudman. After an impromptu jam at Paul’s house one afternoon in 2013, the duo decided to jump on an available opening slot for a local show happening that same night. An entirely improvised set was played in front of friends new and old. The band was pulled out of thin air.  A demo (Broken Hands, Broken Hearts) was recorded and live shows ensued. After a few year unofficial hiatus, Black Blizzard is back with their first proper release, Reading Gaol. Paul plays all stringed instruments, synths and vocals. He is a current member in the prog doom trio Akris and the ultra heavy groove psych band Nagato. Past projects include experimental post hardcore outfit Vox Populi (with Proudman). Ben plays acoustic drums and electronic noise. He is a past member of acclaimed aggressive noise rock band RHIN, Vox Populi as well as his experimental electronica solo project Nonhealer.