Iron Gag / Malevich Split Cassette

Iron Gag / Malevich Split Cassette


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Iron Gag, a sonic wall of stripped-down anger, meets Malevich, a grinding wall of angst. One from New England and the other from Georgia, they share a genre-bending sound informed by punk, metal, and hardcore. Both groups come from different backgrounds, but share kindred spirits toward the grind of writing and touring. This dedication led to many shared stages, joints, and the idea for a 7” split. An idea that started out as a joke while camping out in Walmart parking lots eventually came to fruition upon the pressing of the vinyl. Both bands wanted to self-release material that would complement each other while still showcasing their distinctly separate personalities. Each part of this process was a collaborative experience; even the album artwork was co-created by members of each group. The final mastering was done by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege.

Exclusive artwork by both bands via collaboration of Colin Heal and Sasha Schilbrack-Cole.

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