While blackened techno and haunting acid squelch through germanium fuzz, organic waves of ambience driven by analog synthesizers, vocoders, and drum machines lazily weave narratives such as suicide and misanthropy.

UNISEX is the harsh techno project of Nick Filth. He is a member of the atmospheric sludge band KYOTY, the sole member of the black metal band N’Zwaa, leading member of Psychic Wounds, and solo member of Trembling Love. With over 30 releases under his belt he also works under the moniker, UNISEX. This project explores many genres under the Electronic blanket such as IDM, Techno, Acid, and Industrial. iabadvirirss was the first album that set forth the darker tone and dove heavily into repeating rhythms. While also experimenting with sounds of broken fuzz, torn speaker hi-hats, and crackling kicks. Reminiscent of the black metal coldness and abrasion of his other project N’Zwaa but smeared over acid techno. This set the tone for the next album Obsessive Self Loathing as well. Shaping to be a new direction of the project. Yet with the trends established by other projects it isn’t unlikely to see a sharp turn in genre with UNISEX in the future.